Mimic the French, etc.



pro-tip, when recommending a band to someone don’t suggest that they check out a 14 minute long song with fucking bagpipes or something in it.

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how many of y'all are fans of Titus Andronicus? (the band, not the Shakespeare tragedy)



i don’t think any of us have ever listened to their recordings voluntarily. not opposed exactly, just have never had a reason to or have given enough of a shit to actually check it out. what is lyke the best song*~?
- derrick

Highly recommend listening to The Monitor in its entirety. Alternatively, the Battle of Hampton Roads (last track on that album) is a fucking masterpiece.

Mid-Year Songs, Cowriting & More On Voice & Verse



Zack joined Evan Lucy on a new episode of his great Voice & Verse Podcast this week to discuss our favorite mid-year songs, cowriting, and much more. The show is great, so this is a great time to check it out if you’ve yet to.

You can subscribe to Voice & Verse podcast via iTunes, or listen below as well!

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Cannot recommend Voice and Verse enough. Always great guests and really interesting insights into songs I love.

Some thoughts on why we (Saintseneca) won't be playing Fashion Meets Music Festival in Columbus


Long ago, when the earth was big and new, people sailed the oceans in large ships. In those days, most sailors could not read.

They mounted elaborately carved, over-sized figures right on the front of the ship. Dragons, eagles, horses with bulging eyes, that kind of thing.

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seeing you guys play the last show at "that's how i beat shaq" in virginia was really cool. there aren't too many bands that i can straight up listen to and instantly become an emotional wreck. i'm just bummed that the cops came before i had time to buy merch from you guys.


so glad you remember that show. it was so awesome. Mike from Caravels yelled “that dude has the best costume ever” as the cops walked in.

Do you enjoy Brand New?


A lot. I think Daisy is their best record and i think Your Favorite Weapon is trash. When I revisit Deja the lyrics make me cringe. Devil and God blew my mind. 
- derrick

do you condemn or condone long band names? what about long song names?




Do whatever

fall out boy???????

I mean you’re looking at a post by a band called The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die who have songs called things like Eyjafjallajokull Dance and Picture of a Tree That Doesn’t Look Okay soooo I think they win the “unnecessarily complicated names” title.


I like the way you think, Coke.


I like the way you think, Coke.

Was it just rival schools and mewithoutYou on your car rides while on tour with mwY or nah?



We mostly listened to the podcast “you talking u2 to me?”

YO that podcast is so fucking funny.

I’m tempted to start a “The World is a Beautiful Place and I Can’t Stop Talking About This Fucking Band” podcast.